Monday, 17 August 2015

Tutorial - Diamond Fold Card with Die'Sire Edge'ables

I have had quite a few requests for tutorials so thought I would start posting one mid week. This will be my first but I have created an extra page called 'Tutorial Links' where you can see the card and click the link to take you to the relevant tutorial.

It would be fantastic to hear feedback from anyone who uses these tutorials and don't be afraid to let me know if something is not clear - it was obvious to me at the time of writing but I have probably missed a vital step somewhere along the line!

So here goes for my first one, 

Diamond Fold Tutorial using the Die'Sire Edge'ables
I have used the Floral Dance Edge'able for this tutorial but have used a few different types and can confirm that it works with the ones I have tried so far.

Items Used:
A4 piece of Centura Card (Snow white hint of gold used in this design)
Die’sire Edgeables Die – Floral Dance
Classiques 1” Alphabet Contemporary Die’s (upper and lower case)
Itsy Bitys Bloom Quilling Die
Sunflower Small Quilling Die
Stamen Quilling Die
Patterned card or paper to decorate
Spray & Shine
Collall Gel Glue

So that you can see the measurements and cuts more clearly I have used a felt tip pen for marking the card. When making your card please use a pencil so that the markings do not show up on the finished card.

Step 1
Take your A4 card and cut the longer length down to 27cm.

Step 2
With the non-sparkly side of your Centura Pearl facing you, along the 27cm length of card measure and score at 4.5cm,  9cm, 18cm and 22.5cm

Step 3
Still with the non-sparkly side of your Centura Pearl facing you, fold one side in at the 9cm score mark and then fold out at the 4.5cm mark. Repeat at the other side and you should end up with a card that looks like this (use a Bone folder if needed to press the folds in firmly)

Step 4
Now you want the sparkly side of the card facing you with the folds underneath. This part will be a little tough because of the thickness of the card but take the top right corner of the card (leave the bottom piece) and fold towards the centre as follows (I have put lines on the card to show you which part is folded over.

Step 5
Repeat with all four corners

Step 6
Open out the card.  You are now going to push the four folds back in on themself (use a Bone folder if needed to press the folds firmly in place)

Step 7
Open the card out, take your Edge’able Die (this design works with any of the Edge’able die’s) and place it on the 9cm line (with the larger flowers facing out towards the edge of the card. You also need to keep the die inside the ‘diamond’ fold lines as much as possible. The Die will go over the edges slightly but don’t worry about this.

Step 8
Run this through your Cut n Boss. Gently remove the die and repeat on the opposite side (on 18cm fold with Die facing opposite way).

Step 9
Fold the card back into the diamond shape and fold all the flowers out. You may need to snip out one of the pieces holding the flowers at the top and bottom of the design just so the flowers are straight

Step 10
All that is left to do is decorate your card however you like. I sprayed Candi with Spray & Shine and fixed them onto the flowers using the Collall Gel Glue. For the sides I matted and layered a piece of card and a piece of patterned paper. Cut two pieces of coloured card measuring 4cm x 20.5 cm and two pieces of patterned paper measuring 3.5cm x 20cm. Cut out letters using the Alphabet Die’s (I used ‘For You’).Lastly, using the Sunflower small, Itsy Bitsy and Stamen Quilling Die’s I made a flower to stick in the centre of the card.

And here is another (just because I am addicted to this shape now):


  1. Thank you for the tutorial. The cards you have made are fabulous. Hugs Jackie

  2. Thank you for taking the time to do this :-)

  3. Thanks for this, fabulous cards,

  4. just made this, so easy with ur instructions, thanks you x

    1. Thank you Ruth, lovely to get feedback x

  5. Beautiful thank you so much, your cards are stunning x ��

    1. Thank you Dawn, just shout out if there is anything else you need x