Sunday 12 March 2023

Halloween Rag Wreath

The number of things I want to craft can feel a little overwhelming at times...where do I start, what do I make etc.

To combat this I have numbered all my boxes of crafty goodies, wrote the numbers down onto pieces of paper, folded them up and then put them into a tub. I am then drawing out a number and whatever number is chosen is the box that I use something out of to make something.

Up first is this box of goodies:

This one us mainly Christmassy items but in here are two 15cm polystyrene rings I bought several years ago and after a quick Pinterest search I decided to make a rag wreath with one.

I had some Halloween scraps left over from a large wreath I started last year. After a few tests I decided that 2cm x 2cm squares would be big enough for this size ring. I started with 6 different fabrics but later added white as I found I was running out:

To make the rag wreath I poked holes into the polystyrene ring using a Crafter's Companion scoring tool but you can use a pencil or a crochet hook, anything that will make a hole small enough so the material doesn't fall out.

I wanted to make sure the material didn't fall out so after poking a dozen or so holes I put a small blob of tacky glue into each before adding the material. To add the material just use the scoring tool to 'push' the centre of the material into the hole you have already made:

Keep going until you have covered one side and then work on the other side. Once completed I let the glue thoroughly dry out and then went back over and filled in any gaps I found. This was the finished wreath:

Next up was to add a length of string so that this can be hung up. I tied a knot at one end of the string and used a large needle to thread this through the polystyrene and looped it over and pushed the needle through a couple of centimeters further away and knotted the end. 

Now you can leave the wreath like this but I thought it needed something extra for the middle. I made up Dracula from the Sizzix thinlits dies by Tim Holtz and also traced / cut out some bats. I added glossy highlights to the bats and to Dracula's eyes and then made a banner using Stamp Addicts alphabet stamp set: 

I used thin strips of acetate to attach the bats to the banner, however, once I placed this on the wreath I changed my mind about having the outer two bats on acetate as you could see the acetate when it was against the material. 

I used hot glue to attach the two outermost bats to the material and although you can see the acetate on the centre bat it is hardly noticeable in real life as you can see from the next photo of the wreath hung up.

I really enjoyed making this little wreath and I think I will do a Christmas theme one with the other ring that I have.

Thanks for dropping in and I hope you all have a good week x

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