Saturday, 18 February 2012

Wedding Card Part 1

Decided to book a couple of days of work and have a long weekend so I am managing to get a little bit more done on the cards front.

The card that I am about to show on this post is not completely finished, but I thought I would leave it for tonight and see what needs adding to it when looking at it with a fresh pair of eyes in the morning.

This is going to be a wedding card and I made it using my favourite template - Coppernob's Toe Tapper Template.  Its just so versatile and the cards are so unique.  I have another wedding card to make in Ivory & Black and I will be using the same template.

One of the things that still needs adding to this card  is the insert and for this I usually print the bride & grooms name along with the date of the wedding etc onto vellum.

So here is the first wedding card so far:

To make this card I used:

Coppernob's Toe Tapper Template
Two sheets of pearlescent card - one for the base and one for the shoe
One sheet of 12x12 patterned paper (for the shoe inner and the card inner
Silver stickers (straight lines and dots)
White roses
Flower punch
Card folding top score multiboard

First for the main base of the card I used a whole sheet of white pearlescent card which I folded in at 10cm. I used my multiboard to emboss the scalloped edge on the right hand side which I then cut out by hand using scissors.  A second scalloped edge was embossed approx 1.5cm in and a third one on the folded part of the card (towards the left of the picture), again 1.5cm in

I used a straight lined silver sticker which was placed 1.5cm from the scalloped edges.  Patterned paper was then measured, cut and attached to the inside of the card.  The patterned paper goes all the way to the card fold inside.

Flowers were punched out of solver and white card to match and silver dot stickers added in-between.

For the shoe I used the basic template.  If you want to add an inner sole to the shoe make sure you do this before you attempt to stick on the 'toe' section.  I also added the silver dot stickers as well. Once the toe was attached the bow and white roses were added along with a silver sticker for the outline of the shoe and toe area.  Here is a close up of the shoe:

The vellum insert will be the same size as the patterned paper inside the card and will be attached on top of it.  

When I come to do the next card I will do more step by step pictures.


  1. Wow, what a stunning card. I must try and get some of the toe tapper templates and have a go myself! Gail x

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    Heike xx

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