Friday, 18 October 2013

Silhouette & Encaustic Art - Picture

I am a member of a crafting group on Facebook and some of the group have been posting gorgeous work they have done in vinyl. I 'found' some vinyl I got as part of a pack a couple of years ago but it has just been sat in a cupboard all this time. Just typical that I found it after I had purchased some more - go figure!! Anyway, after being inspired by the group I decided to see if I could combine an encaustic painting with vinyl to produce a picture I could hang on my wall.

Here is the results of my first attempt although the perfectionist in me means I will have another go just to iron out a few problems. If you don't do encaustic art then alcohol inks or ink pads would create fantastic backgrounds.

So, the background is an encaustic painting and the black silhouettes are vinyl cut out on the Cameo. To start I took an A4 sheet of paper used for encaustic painting. The colours used are the reds, burgundies, pinks and black as per the bottom of this picture (please ignore the blues / greys as these are for the next attempt):

I painted the wax over the paper to create the background, polished and then sealed the painting to prevent it from fading in the future. The black silhouettes were purchased from the SIL store and are as follows:

Words (Be the Change) #49539
Giraffes (Safari) #18473
Elephant #5671 (I erased the tusk to turn this into a female elephant and just reduced the size for the baby)
Geese flying #5442

I welded the elephants to the safari file and cut this, the geese and the words out in black vinyl.

Now this is were it went slightly wrong. Due to the texture created with encaustic painting when I attached the vinyl the lumps and bumps showed through at certain angles. So, if you going to do an encaustic background I would suggest you attach the vinyl to an A4 piece of acetate and then attach this to your picture. 

The frame was a bargain - I found it on the sale shelf at Tesco's.


  1. What a stunning piece of work!!!

  2. That's a wonderful piece of artwork you've created. I went town at was supposed to be an encaustic art workshop a few weeks ago, but it turned out to be a demonstration and I still haven't had a go unfortunately. You've achieved some lovely effects. Maddy x

  3. This is beautiful. A very effective and decorative item.
    Heike xx

  4. this is lovely :D

  5. stunning love the colour and fantastic background you have created and love the silhouette images
    carol x

  6. Stunning project, love the colours you have used, just hopping by.

  7. I love this, a gorgeous piece of work and I nearly missed your joke....when you said about ironing out a few problems...I like doing encaustic art and of course I use an iron!

  8. Very clever, Angela, I love to see something a bit different. Great project.

  9. Lovely project - great colour
    Linda x

  10. what an amazing piece of work - so effective - love the quote - is it a stamp?

  11. This is fabulous, love the rich background with the silhouettes, so effective

  12. Fab project - hopping on over from Do Crafts.
    Nikki x

  13. Gorgeous project! My hubby does encaustic when he has free time, and makes backgrounds for me to use... I can't do it to save my life, tho! :) ( just hoping from dc...sorry I'm a bit late. ) x