Saturday, 2 May 2015

Tarmac Technique

Someone from my DT team shared a link to a 'Tarmac Technique' and I loved the metallic look of the finished projects everyone was showing so decided to give it a go.

Here is a link to the lady who's blog I got all the instructions from: Karen - Tarmac Technique, I just wish she lived nearer because I would just love to attend her workshops.

I started with a canvas and stuck on a variety of cut out shapes from my odds and ends box (this is fabulous for using all those things you have cut out but ended up not using. I added some pieces of card I had embossed for texture and some candi which had been damaged so would be no good for cards etc. I also used some old flowers that I should have really thrown away years ago but kept...just in case.

Then I painted it all with acrylic paint (cerulean blue hue). This needs to be completely dry before moving to the next step. Here is what it looked like at this point:

It looks terrible!! Next step was the Bitumen solution (50% Bitumen and 50% white spirit). Now Karen's blog says this is the messy bit and boy it is. Even though I laid out newspaper I still managed to get this solution splattered all up the wall, over my computer, the mouse, my desk and I probably had more on my hands than on the canvas. Here is what it looks like after this bit:

I left this for a couple of days to dry properly. Next you take a soft cloth and white spirits and dab away at the canvas which removes the Bitumen solution. However, it leaves a kind of metallic sheen behind and some very interesting shadows. However, when I attempt this again I will wear some rubber gloves because my hands just got covered with the solution.

Here is the what it looks like now. I am leaving it for a few days and may go back and take a little more of the solution off but overall I am quite happy with the results and thinks this will look fabulous with a black frame.

Hope you like it and thanks for popping over - have a great weekend x


  1. Wow it looks awesome. Vee xx

  2. A big fat WOW, this is really fantastic, I'll have to wait till I have my craft room before I try this

  3. Brilliant work , love the colours, thanks for sharing

    Lorna xx

  4. Hi Angela this is gorgeous I must give this technique a try. Hugs Jackie

  5. Wow, it look fantastic, despite being a messy project. Lainie xx

  6. I do not think that this would be a technique for me, but it looks great. You have created a really effective piece.
    Heike xx

  7. Hi Angela.....Beautiful the colour and the great detail....Joolsx

  8. Great piece of work - unusual but very effective!

  9. Fabulous project, just hopping by.