Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Tutorial - Envelope Invitation using Die’Sire Create A Card Spring Garden

This is a tutorial on how to make an envelope invitation using the Die'Sire Create A Card Spring Garden Die from Crafter's Companion

Here is the what they look like completed:

Step 1 – You will need four circles to complete this project and you can cut out two per A4 sheet of card. Place your die at the top of the A4 card and run through your die cutting machine once to cut and then once more to emboss

Step 2 – We now need to create a circle so using your die as the template place it below the cut out part, line it up and draw around the die with a pencil. It does not have to be perfect so don’t worry that the pencil outline is slightly larger as this is going to form the base of your envelope.

Step 3 – Cut along your pencil lines but at the sides you need to cut in slightly so you line up with the die cut out line. Again don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be a perfect circle because this forms the base and will be covered up.

Step 4 – You will need four of these circles in total so repeat the process another three times. Using Distress Inks colour the die cut side of the circle. For extra definition once the ink has dried place the die back over the card and use the ink again on the embossed areas.

Step 5 – Fold each circle in half – the die has left an indent to guide you so just score along this line and fold.

Step 6 – Next we need to stick them together. Open them all out and have the inked side facing down.  When they are all stuck together each one will overlap the other and this will create a square shaped middle. So that we know where to put the glue place them together as shown here:

Step 7 – Using a pencil draw a feint line around each overlap (as shown here):

Step 8 – Separate the circles and add the glue in the small area marked by the pencil (all your pencil lines should cover the same area on the left hand side of each circle). I used a couple of strips of red tape and covered the rest of the area in tacky glue. Put a little tacky glue on the red tape as well so it will help you to move the circles into position more easily

Step 9 – Carefully stick the circles together making sure you overlap one circle with another (use the pencil lines to guide you). The tacky glue will give you a few minutes to slide the circles into place.

Step 10 – Cut a piece of patterned or coloured paper 14cm x 14cm and stick this inside the envelope. Print our stamp your invitation details and stick inside.

Step 11 – Decide how you want to close the envelope. You can overlap the flaps (as shown by the blue one), or if you want a flatter card, you can use ribbon (as shown with the pink one). All that is left is for you to decorate it as you like. For these I just added pearls.

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  1. Wow Angela these are stunning cards. Thank you for the step by step. They would make wonderful invitations. Have a great week. Hugs Jackie

  2. WOW these look amazing. Thanks for the tut :-)

  3. fantastic project, really got the wow factor.

  4. I'm so pleased I found this tutorial, I am looking forward to trying it as I've just got these dies for Xmas. X