Friday, 6 June 2014

Buckingham Palace & Parade

Despite the weather we had an amazing time. So from the beginning....

My husband was in the army in The Blues and Royals and this year everyone who has been in or is still in the Household Cavalry was invited to attend 'The Presentation of Standards' followed by a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. Her Majesty The Queen is the Colonel-in-Chief and Princess Anne is the Colonel The Blues and Royals.

On the morning of the parade it was overcast and it rained on and off pretty much all the way through. However, the parade for the Presentation of Standards was fantastic and I felt very proud and somewhat emotional. So rather than me chatting away here are a few photos:

The Blues and Royals tanks:

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment arriving:

Everyone is in place waiting for the Queen to arrive:

The Queen arriving with Prince Philip:

At the Garden Party you are not allowed to take in any cameras or take any photo's so we took a few just outside before we went in. Our friend Belinda on the left was trying to match the soldiers solemn expression (I don't think he wanted to be there). And that's me on the right trying to hide a shocking pink carrier bag (don't ask)!

This is my hubby Adam and me just outside the Palace:

Now, I have already explained that you are not allowed to take any photo's while at the Garden Party but Adam just had to take one of his plate of nibbles:

The Queen had changed outfits and was in a bright pink dress and looked lovely. At the parade she had been quite a distance away so only looked like a tiny speck to me (didn't have my glasses), but at the Party I got to see her quite close up. She looks amazing!

Princess Anne and Prince Harry accompanied her. Once the Queen had moved down the line everyone flocked to follow her but Belinda and I stayed where we were and ended up stood behind a line of six people who were being introduced to Princess Anne. As the Princess moved onto the next person Belinda and I sidestepped down the line so that we were looking over the shoulders of each person directly at Princess Anne. I think she cottoned on to what we were doing after about the third person, after all we were grinning at her like idiots. Needless to say Adam and Simon (Belinda's husband) had disowned us and were stood well back.

The last Royal we 'stalked' was Prince Harry. Having only ever seen him on TV I must say I was surprised at how tall he was. He was dressed in top hat and tails but the one thing that I did notice was that the back of his hair / neck was a right mess - time to change your Barber Prince Harry!!

Walking back out of the Garden through the Palace we stopped to look back and everyone agreed what a wonderful day it had been. For me, this was a once in a lifetime experience and I thoroughly enjoyed every single second x


  1. What a very special experience for you - love the outfit!

  2. What a wonderful experience for you all... don't you scrub up well! A beautiful outfit and congratulations on being invited.

  3. Naughty taking a pic, but it's great to satisfy my curiosity lol! I really enjoyed reading about your day at the garden party and you have some great memories. I can just imagine you stalking the royals lol! Maddy x

  4. This seems to have been an amazing experience - a real day to remember. I was fortunate enough to attend some ceremonies at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, but that is obviously on a much, much smaller scale. And you have now got some lovely photos as keepsakes.
    Heike xx

  5. Lookas like you had a fabulous day, gorgeous photos. Just hopping by.

  6. Brilliant photos...Looks like you all had a lovely day...we now know what you look like...Joolsx

  7. It sounds like you had a fabulous time, and you must have been so very proud. TFS

  8. Your photos tell a fantastic story thank you for sharing them with us. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  9. Gosh my dream to go to London one day, xx

  10. lovely piccys, you must be so proud of your hubby xxx